Seed Library Locator Map

Seed libraries are sprouting across the globe!

Based on the model of a book library, seed libraries allow people to check out seeds to grow. At the end of a growing season, one checks in an equal or greater amount of the borrowed seed once the plants have been harvested. This helps to locally adapt seeds and ensure a supply of viable, fresh seeds for all in the community.

Seed libraries are vital tools for taking control of our food supply. Are you a member of one? If not, use this map to find out more about a seed library near you!

We now have more than 200 libraries listed!

Would you like your seed library included on this map or do you have additional information you'd like included on your listing? Email seedlibrarian at gmail dot com

08/2014 update: Wait! What happened to my library?

Don't see all 200+ seed libraries listed? We are in the midst of updating the Seed Library Locator Map with more information and a better mapping system to aid our users in finding a library near them. Please excuse the construction dust, and check back later in the week, when the map is back up and running at full strength!

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